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Better Together

Honest is a respected physician enablement company aimed at improving the health care experience for physicians and their Medicare patients in local communities, while reducing the overall cost of care, with our Better Together partnership program.

By forming local partnerships with leading physician organizations and bringing significant experience and innovation to your organization, Honest can provide the necessary financial backing, real-time data insights, coordinated care delivery, and clinical support teams so physicians can succeed in value-based contacts and truly put their patients first. We respect the physician-patient relationship, and we believe the best care is delivered when the primary care doctor is leading the patient’s care and they have the clinical support and resources to deliver the care that fits a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health needs.

The new era of transformation with Honest offers meaningful improvements to physicians, their patients, and their practices.

  • Empower primary care physicians to transform the health care delivery model to whole-person-centric care with support from a coordinated clinical team
  • Obtain access to additional resources, including interdisciplinary care team expansion, clinical wraparound services, home visits, community support, technology, and more
  • Potential for earning expansion by fixing misaligned physician incentive models
  • No downside exposure with the introduction of global-risk (full risk capitation) agreements, plus access to new prospective performance payments to get paid sooner

Transforming Healthcare Together