NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Honest Medical Group (Honest) and Oakland Physician Network Services, Inc. (OPNS), a physician-owned and operated corporation with more than 425 primary care and specialty physicians in Southeast Michigan, are pleased to announce a joint venture that will allow OPNS the opportunity to provide highly personalized care to its patients on Medicare. This new relationship empowers physicians to truly transform the current health care delivery model to now focus on whole-person-centric care of patients.

Honest was purpose-built to advance the doctor and patient experience, improve overall care, and to reduce health care costs. In partnering together, Honest and OPNS will provide a model of coordinated care that will work to improve clinical outcomes, slow disease progression, and to improve the quality of life for OPNS’ patients on Medicare.

In addition, the physicians at OPNS will have the ability to focus on the unique needs of patients and while delivering custom care supporting physical, behavioral, emotional, and social needs for the better well-being of the patient. This results in a more efficient and effective practice.

“OPNS has always been focused on the care we provide our patients, as well as driven by innovation and how we can do things better. We are excited about our new relationship with Honest, leveraging their insights and support as we work together to take even better care of our Southeast Michigan community,” said Rodger Prong, CEO of OPNS.

“I am excited for the opportunities our Honest-OPNS relationship brings to their physicians, practices, and, most importantly, their patients,” said Dr. Aric Coffman, CEO of Honest. “Honest was purposefully built to improve our healthcare system, and by forging relationships with those on the ground delivering care, we are able to truly impact those in need of care.”

About Honest Medical Group:

Honest Medical Group is a Nashville-based, privately-owned company that partners with physicians to improve their patients’ care experience and to reduce costs for people with Medicare. Honest provides financial backing, real-time insights, care management teams and administrative staff so physicians can put their patients first. Honest was founded by health care innovators Adam Boehler, founder and CEO of healthcare investment firm Rubicon Founders; Abe Sutton; and Matt Kim.

For more information, visit or connect with Honest at @honestmedicalgroup on facebook, @honestmedgroup on twitter, and Honest Medical Group on LinkedIn.

About Oakland Physician Network Services

Oakland Physician Network Services, Inc. is an independent, physician owned and operated corporation comprised of over 425 primary care and specialty physicians. From its location in Oakland County, OPNS serves the medical community by centrally maintaining the infrastructure to support best practices in medical management, office management, and database management. It provides financial and quality analysis and reporting services that assist member physicians in delivering higher quality care and managing costs for more than 15 healthcare plans.

SOURCE Honest Medical Group

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