[Nashville, TN] — [November  17, 2022] — Today, Honest Medical Group (Honest) announced a partnership with Great Lakes Physicians Organization (GLPO).  This new Joint Venture will improve clinical outcomes, slow disease progression, and improve the quality of life for GLPO patients with Medicare in Central Michigan.

GLPO is an independent physician organization -its mission being to support the success of independent physicians throughout the state of Michigan.  GLPO’s approximately 300 practitioners are highly regarded and recognized in the state of Michigan for quality of care while also demonstrating low costs for care. Honest, a provider enablement organization, was purpose-built to further advance the doctor and patient experience, improve care, and reduce health care costs.

Together, the organizations will focus on value-based, patient-centered care for seniors. The collaboration brings together clinical and financial resources, as well as technology and data, to empower GLPO physicians to provide quality services in a more cost-efficient manner. The Honest GLPO Joint Venture will allow physicians to focus more on the unique needs of their patients with Medicare and deliver custom care supporting physical, behavioral, emotional, and social needs for the betterment of the patient, which will also result in a more efficient and effective practice of medicine.

“GLPO physicians have always prioritized care that is centered around the patient,” Shay Raleigh, Executive Director of GLPO said. “The resources afforded by this new partnership with Honest even further support our mission of providing efficient, cost-effective health care and improving outcomes. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity, and we look forward to the positive impact this new relationship will have for our patients with Medicare and our physicians. GLPO was created to support the independent medical community and it is our aim that this partnership will continue to highlight the benefits and value of practicing independently. Our physicians have proved time and time again that independent practices can thrive with the right support, the right tools, and compensation models that reward healthy patient outcomes.”    

“Honest is dedicated to transforming health care delivery in partnership with local physicians,” said Dr. Aric Coffman, CEO of Honest. “GLPO’s commitment to improving health care outcomes directly correlates to the mission of Honest. I look forward to the possibilities our collaboration brings to GLPO physicians, their practices, and their patients.”

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