The unique Honest approach

We believe primary care physicians are best positioned to improve the care of their patients, but just need more support. That’s where we come in. Honest wants to help physicians succeed. Honest partners with leading physician organizations to provide enablement resources, real-time data insights, coordinated care delivery, and clinical support teams that physicians need to succeed in improving patient outcomes.

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Local enablement

Honest understands healthcare is local and the neighborhood primary care physicians play a pivotal role in shaping the delivery of care in their communities. 

That’s why we build meaningful partnerships with physicians within each community, recognizing the unique needs and challenges of each local healthcare ecosystem. Our shared decision-making approach enables us to co-create tailored solutions that are responsive to the needs of the local community.

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A personalized focus

Our approach is centered on building a strong partnership with physicians and empowering them with innovative tools and resources needed to deliver exceptional care to their patients.


We take time to understand the full needs of our partners, including opportunities, capabilities, challenges, and readiness.


We tailor the model and implementation to meet the unique requirements of each partner.


In coordination, we activate the capabilities necessary to achieve the clinical and financial objectives of the partnership.

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The future of clinical practice with Honest support

At the heart of our clinical model is fostering collaboration with our physician partners and meeting patients where they are in their healthcare journey. Our approach is centered around enhancing the physician and patient experience, both inside and outside the clinical setting, while ensuring that care is effective and useful.

To achieve this, we have developed a wide range of clinical programs and resources, including Care at Home, our home visit program, Care in Motion, our transitions of care program, Complete Care Review, our health assessment program, our clinical documentation improvement program, and more, to support our healthcare providers. These resources are designed to empower our healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care.

Additionally, we know that the patient experience is paramount in outcomes, which is why we focus on developing personalized care plans and providing access to a comprehensive care team in partnership with our healthcare providers. By doing so, we ensure that patients are fully supported and engaged in their care. We are committed to building a connected and patient-centric approach to healthcare that meets patients where they are and provides them with the best possible care – all in partnership with our physicians.

Managed solutions

Honest offers a comprehensive range of managed solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of physician partners. From Population Health Tools and Data & Insights to Contracting Support, Honest's managed services provide physician partners with the necessary tools to streamline their operations, enhance clinical outcomes, and improve patient experience.

Aligning payers and providers with full-risk contracts

At Honest, we have extensive experience working with partners in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and full-risk contracts with payers, and we also have a proven track record of creating successful ACOs from the ground up. We understand the importance of contracting with payers in a way that aligns incentives and maximizes financial performance. That's why we work closely with our partners during the contracting phase, leveraging our expertise to negotiate favorable terms and align incentives with carriers. Once the contract is in place, we provide the resources, tools, and expertise necessary to establish and maintain a thriving ACO, with a focus on value-based care and population health management.

Empowered by technology

Technology plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes. We are proud to offer Verity, our cutting-edge, intuitive, population health tool that complements your existing platforms or offers a system that you need. Verity leverages real-time data analytics to identify areas of opportunity for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. With its predictive analytics capabilities, personalized care plans, and population health management support, Verity empowers our physician partners to deliver more proactive and effective care with an easy-to-use offering.

Insightful data

We offer a comprehensive view of your population with detailed insights, real-time feeds, and modules designed around population health delivery. Our data enables our provider partners to proactively identify areas of opportunity and make informed decisions about patient care and processes. By prioritizing data and insights, we can drive continuous improvement in patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Partnering for a purpose

The Honest model is designed to benefit a variety of stakeholders, including physicians, payers, patients, and the communities they serve.


Honest empowers physicians to deliver high-quality care to their patients across all care settings, offering a comprehensive range of ancillary clinical services and support. This allows physicians to focus on what matters most - improving patient outcomes.


Honest is committed to ensuring that every patient receives the highest level of care by providing them with a comprehensive care team in collaboration with their primary care physician.


Honest enables payers to build stronger alignment with their provider networks, and achieve greater clinical and financial success in their value-based care transition by working effectively with our physician partners to improve outcomes for their members.


Through our programs and services supporting our physician partners, we work to ensure that all members of the community have access to equitable care and resources they need to achieve optimal health outcomes.