Honest partners with local Primary Care Doctors and enables them to focus on the whole care experience

At Honest, we continuously challenge the status quo in care provided for people with Medicare. This means improved patient outcomes and it also saves money. We pride ourselves on an obsessive attention to detail to our individual patients and their care programs.

There is an opportunity for us to transform the Medicare experience together.

Empowering Doctors

We believe local, independent doctors are best positioned to improve the care of their patients-- that’s why we provide holistic care services for them. At Honest, doctors are able to put their patients first.

Targeted Care

We provide real-time insights into medical conditions so doctors can adjust their patient’s care plan as needed. We also provide additional resources like care management teams and administrative staff who are passionate about transforming care for underserved populations.

Plan Together

Through our partnership with local doctors, we intend to launch a Medicare Advantage Plan that will be designed for people living with chronic conditions.