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Independent Physician Associations and Provider Organizations

We recognize the distinctive difficulties encountered by independent physicians and practices. Therefore, we have designed our services to meet the specific needs of the local community. We collaborate with Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and Provider Organizations (POs) on their own conditions, without imposing a rigid set of standards. Our partnership provides physicians with the essential tools and support to thrive in a value-based healthcare landscape. When IPAs or POs partner with Honest, they grow the value they provide to their independent practice members by supplying them with enhanced resources related to clinical, operational, and financial performance. These resources, coupled with the economies of scale provided by the IPA or PO, drive a level of success in value-based care that can be challenging for independent groups to achieve on their own.

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Physician Groups

Healthcare is local, with each community having unique healthcare needs and priorities. At Honest, we believe in the importance of a localized approach to value-based healthcare to improve patient outcomes and increase accessibility. We work in partnership with Medical Groups to provide tailored services that meet the specific needs of each community. By taking a localized approach, we can identify and develop new revenue streams that align with the healthcare landscape of each community, empowering healthcare providers to thrive and deliver quality care to patients. Our expertise and experience enable us to help healthcare organizations quickly adapt to new regulations and requirements, allowing them to focus on providing excellent care to their patients. Our partnership enables physician groups to venture into value-based care initiatives while protecting the physicians from downside risk. This enables physician groups to be competitive with national groups and keep their independence while still being financially successful. By working collaboratively with local healthcare providers, we can create stronger and more resilient healthcare systems that meet the unique needs of each community.

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Health Systems

At Honest, we offer health systems the tools and resources they require to gain a competitive edge in an industry that is continuously evolving. Our partnership enables health systems to reduce the financial burden of physician groups and unlock diverse revenue streams with limited risk, allowing them to compete with larger players in the industry. Our clinical model provides a robust framework for improving patient outcomes and enhancing the overall quality of care. With our expertise and support, health systems can remain ahead of the competition and deliver optimal care to their patients. Honest is a valuable partner for health systems that are committed to staying ahead in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

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Teaching Hospitals

We serve teaching hospitals in a variety of ways, all centered around furthering their academic missions and minimizing financial uncertainty. Honest helps hospitals diversify their income through new revenue streams and buoy the financial drag that physician groups can sometimes pose. Through innovative care models, we help hospitals further their teaching and research missions, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between physicians, researchers, educators, and experienced field experts. We align independent primary care in the market, allowing hospitals to build stronger relationships with local physicians and providing patients with access to high-quality care across a wider network of providers.